Our Story


It all started with a dream, a dream that would either make us or break us. For six months, endless meetings, countless beers, sleepless nights and enduring discussions followed before we could come up with an online magazine for youth that we were looking forward to. At times we were pointless vagabonds and at times we expressed creativity, the way only a distracted student can, unparalleled and unmatched.

There was one simple motive behind giving birth to this brainchild of ours, and it was to build a platform, a magazine for youth where anyone and everyone can voice their opinion, a wonderland where you will get a advise, a view and can express your opinion on everything from the funkiest of clothes to the coolest of music (of course we will never ask you to buy them, simply download), the best of movies (with torrent links) to the newest of sports (since girls would never read this section, all the x-rated info’s would be here, so do watch out guys). In short, a place, an online magazine for youth where the youth would simply want to go to get distracted, this is what we promise to give you.

We unlike most our counterparts aren’t looking towards bringing a social change or giving a direction to people’s life by building a simple online magazine for youth. All we want to do is provide the wings to those distracted students who have always been cursed for not being oriented in life. Because we believe, every day we wake up, we wake not from a dream but to a dream; a dream to make it big, a dream to conquer new heights in whatever we do. We don’t have a set goal; we do anything that catches our interest that is what life is for us distracted students.

This is just not a website or a magazine for youth to us, because we have given it our all, all for that one stupid dialogue that came to our mind – “There are a few things in life that are just simply worth doing”


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