iPhone 5 cases – Branded v/s Local

Apple has a reputation of always going a step ahead when it comes to smart phones. It did the same with its last major launch iPhone 5 and then its upgraded versions 5s and 5c. These phones have become the apple of the eye and everyone just can’t enough of it. This was just a little overview of the multinational brand’s majesty, after the phone the next big question arises about its case. Protecting your iPhone is equally important as owning it. Therefore it is necessary to take the right path when you go for buying some of the coolest iPhone 5 cases.

The major decision which you have to take before buying a case is that whether you want to go for a big brand or just any simple case. The main reason why people go for brands while choosing a case for their iPhone is that they think that if they want things to be perfect then why not even the same with the cases. What I mean to say is that if people are already spending so much money on an iPhone then they would rather want to spend a little extra and go for the best one instead of settling for any local product.

Big companies like Griffin and QDOS have been known for making quality cases for the iPhones which are stylish as well as effective. This does not mean that the local product which is available in the market is of no use. It’s just that since these brands have been tried and tested several times, people opt for them. This also results in the increase in cost of these products. These brands will charge you way more than any other local or online shop will. Definitely they provide quality but local ones can prove equally effective because manufacturing a case is not the toughest of jobs.

Even Apple has stepped in for providing a case to its iPhone. It is available in the Apple stores, many people are now considering that as an option because it somewhat guarantees that what you are about to buy is authentic. Its price varies from $30 to $40, depending upon your iPhone. On the other hand you can get the same thing at a much lesser price but obviously you will not be getting the trust of Apple with it. One major disadvantage you will have to face while going for the branded cases is the availability factor. All the brands are not easily available and sometimes getting access to their products can be a huge task from a particular area or locality. On the contrary local cases are easily available anywhere and everywhere.

Choosing between the branded iPhone 5 cases and the local one can sometimes become a big head ache. Both have their own set of pros and cons but if you ask me that which one is better, then I would probably say that the branded ones hold an edge over the local ones. An iPhone 5 needs some special attention as well as a little respect and it is the branded cases which can do this job more efficiently.


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