Setting the Bonds of Friendship

friendship day

There aren’t many decisions that a child gets to make on his own. Apart from being able to poop on his own, the only other thing he or she is independent in is in choosing friends. Humans aren’t loners; in fact it will be shocking if there are people alive with no friends or family. We all have variety of friends, few friends who are our ‘best buddies’ and few with whom we fight a lot, few who are our guides and many others who are simply friends.  There are good friends, close friends and best friend.

Once a year every year we pay a tribute to our friendship. It’s not that it’s the only day to celebrate friendship but it is the only day when the world together celebrates friendship. The first Sunday of August is the day to rejoice on the joys of friendship with our friends for our friends. 4th of August 2013 will be the milestone this year to recall and relive the chosen memorable moment that will be worth living again.

Winnie-the-Pooh-Winnie, the pooh was named as the mascot for friendship day for his very sweet friendship with piglet and others. Pooh is the right mascot as he alone represents the many smiles, laughter, cries and fights among friends, he depicts the exciting days spent with friends and the boring ones made exciting by our friends.

When we were younger and weren’t that much crazy about enjoying someplace other than our schools, friendship day for us meant making friendship bands for our friends and ensuring we make enough bands to tie them to our teachers as well. But then we grew up, grew better at making friends and made real friends.

Friends are the ones who stick by us on our bad days and good days. We don’t get embarrassed sharing anything with our real friends and we definitely confide our every little secret to our close friends. The trust is the chief and only character that binds friends together and no friendship band can hold friends tighter. It would be wrong to define a true friend because all friends are different and we are different and we may seek comfort from an altogether different friend. The things common in all best friends are that our trust for them and we confide in them and they do the same to us.

Celebrating the Friendship Day

  • A party with friends is a nice enough idea. But the party thrown for and on friendship day should be different and unlike the regular parties. There should be a crazy element there and can be anything from dancing to playing to eating exotic food.
  • Camping out in one of the friend’s place seems like an appealing idea to me with talking and gossiping overnight.
  • Picnic is a viable option for outdoorsy sports loving friends with picnic basket and rackets and cricket bats and balls.

Many other ways are there to enjoy the day and all are befitting. Choose any and nothing else will matter apart from celebrating the friendship day with friends and having lots of fun.


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