TextBooks – Can you really call them as your friend?

At some point in our lives, we all have heard that famous line which says “Books are man’s best friend”. Is it really so? I mean barring the books belonging to the genre of comics and novels, do we students really consider books as our best friend? Holding on to this thought, I started thinking about the same for our textbooks. We have a shelf full of textbooks for each semester of ours and all we do at the end of the semester is mug them up before the exam. So the question again stands, can we really call books as man’s best friend and that typically when we are talking about textbooks?

textbooksPeople advocating the quote of books being mans best friend place various citations and examples to prove their statement. The most famous ones being that books never desert us, they always remain with us when we are alone and bla bla bla. But to this, I say that there are a multitude of other things that don’t leave our side too when we are alone like computer games, ipods and so on. So, should we all call them our best friend?

A simple search on Google provides you with the following definition for best friend: “the one friend that is closest to you”. So in the vast world with plenty of fun stuffs, are textbooks the things that are closest to us? Well, I do believe it. Even a textbook that we have holds plenty of information that if fitted into our heads can make us a person that we all really want to be. A book on values can guide us, a book on science can enlighten us, a book on history can make us aware of our roots and similar for textbooks of all subjects. Each have something in themselves in store for us.

If to my point, you say that textbooks are boring, so how can I consider it as a friend then that would be one of the childish statements that one can really make. Being boring isn’t a criteria for making a friend. If a person is boring but helps you every time whenever you fall in trouble, wont you consider him/her as your friend? Same goes in the case of textbooks. And if you feel they are boring, it’s just because you haven’t channelized your interests in the right direction. You can read whatever you love about. That’s the best thing about textbooks, you can find a book for any area of study that you are interested in. And now with the advent of internet shopping, a vast range of textbooks by different authors can be accessed online.

rent textbooksLeave the buying aspect; one can also rent books now at affordable rates via various sites like Bookbyte. These kinds of sites allow the student to rent the textbooks at lower rates rather than buying the same textbook at higher price. Moreover, one can also find text book coupons & deals for this site to reduce the cost of textbooks even further.

A friend is not only something that interest or amuses us, instead it is something that helps us, moves us in the right path and is close to us. The textbooks stand tall on this definition and there is nothing that one can say in defiance. Textbooks are definitely a student’s friend and will stay so to be in future too!


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