High College Dropout rate – Leading to an entrepreneurial pursuit or jobless career?

college students dropout

According to a study by Harvard University, nearly half of the USA college students dropout from their universities before receiving a degree. The study reveals that only about 56% of students entering the university’s graduate in the time span of 6 years.

The reasons for students dropping out of colleges are many out of which one major reason is the increasing cost of education in US. The US has surprisingly higher rate of drop outs than many other poorer countries that would otherwise be thought of no match to United States. But the situation is not good in many other countries too.

For the two year programs in USA, the situation is even worse, with only 29% of students passing out with degrees within 3 years. Now the question is that what is the result of this high college students drop-out rate? Is this causing student to lead some entrepreneurial pursuit or is causing them depression? Let us know your views in comments.


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