Counter Strike Tips and Tricks – A complete guide!

Counter strike tips and tricks

Counter strike, as far as my knowledge goes, is the most played multiplayer game of all time. Counter Strike is tactical FPS game released in 2003 by Valve corporation. Any person who has entered the world of gaming must have heard the name of this one. For some hard core gamers, it’s their religion. And, for us Distracted Students, Counter Strike is basically utilisation of our time (and college LAN for Counter Strike Multiplayer) that goes to waste otherwise.

It is a tactical game and can go either way if you don’t proceed with a proper plan in different surrounding in varying Counter Strike maps. The objectives of the game are simple. But, for beginners it might seem a bit frustrating to compete with the skilled players or bots. So here are some Counter Strike tips and tricks that can surely help you out:

Buy Time

Counter strike tips and tricks buy item

At the beginning of every round, a player is given Buy Time to buy weapons, ammo and equipments.

  • Buy a gun that suits your shooting style and the selected Counter Strike maps. An assault rifle is suitable for all Counter Strike maps. If the map has various long distance passages, it is better to choose a sniper gun. AWP is a slow weapon but a single shot takes the target down.
  • Buy a HE grenade unless you are craving for money. HE grenades make a lot of difference when your teammates have made some damage to the opponents. Then, you can get some kills by throwing it at the appropriate place. Note and remember this one of very important counter strike tips and tricks that a grenade can be thrown over a larger distance if it is released while running forward.
  • Buy some armor. Most of the people think that it only protects from HE grenades. But that’s not true. Armor will help you shed less health during encounters.

First two points are extremely essential to keep in mind at the beginning of every round.

  • When you have insufficient resources then advisable Counter Strike tips and tricks would be to to buy a desert eagle or a strong pistol rather than buying an SMG or a weak rifle. Pistols make better impact and the bullets go straight at the aim even while you are moving.

Proper Aiming & Shooting

Counter strike tips and tricks for shooting

This is the most significant skill that a player must develop. This should be your primary concern if you are new to this game. Some Counter Strike tips and tricks are given below that should help you improve your aiming and shooting skills

  • Always try to aim your crosshair between the belt to head area of the enemy while shooting. At first, try to hit at the chest. Afterwards, when you get a hold on the game, you can practice on headshots. Two to five headshots from any gun is sufficient to knock the enemy down. Believe me, the proud feeling you get after killing the enemy with a headshot is just too good.
  • Hit the Fire Button with appropriate bursts according to your gun and distance from the enemy. When the target is at a distance, then a pulse of 3-5 bullets should be used in case of rifles. And, you can go all in when the target is approaching near you. When you are using a SMG then the bullets in each bursts can be increased as these bullets are less penetrating.
  • Movement during firing is a critical factor that decides your survival and is one of many important Counter Strike tips and tricks. Your primary goal should be concentrating your bullets on the enemy. Meanwhile, you should keep moving sideways or diagonally between the bursts you fire. This will help you in dodging the bullets while your crosshair size reduces after the recoil.

Jumping is another aspect in our Counter Strike tips and tricks. When you jump, it reduces the impact of enemy’s bullets on you. Also, the crosshair moves up when you jump giving you a chance at a head shot.

  • Recoil of every gun is different. This fact should always be kept in mind. And, you should shoot accordingly.
  • Always try to strife or crouch when you are shooting. If there are one or two enemies in front of you, it is better to crouch or strife. The advantage of crouching is that it reduces the recoil and provides a steady aim at the target.

Although, it is very easy to say these things; but, it takes a lot of time and dedication to perfect these skills. And, you will find yourself using a combination of the above tips instinctively. Aiming is extremely important in Counter Strike as unlike Call of Duty, your health once lost can’t be regained in the game. So, saving your health and shooting at the enemy at the same time is a tough task to accomplish and for that you must be well versed in the mentioned Counter Strike tips and tricks.


Counter strike tips and tricks for maps

  • An important thing in Counter Strike tips and tricks is that you should be aware of your map. So, before engaging into an unknown map, you should take a moment and spectate the Counter Strike maps in free look. Only after getting acquainted with the map, you should join a team.
  • In a map, you should find hiding spots and spots which give you a full view of all the entrances. If you camp at a proper spot, you can take down enemies back to back.
  • Also, you should try a variety of Counter Strike Maps in order to master it. Be it Long range or short range. You should get your hands on every aspect of the game.


Counter strike tips and tricks for sniping

Though, you will receive a false response from many players for using a sniper repeatedly. But, it should be noted that perfection in sniping skills can make you invincible. A Magnum Sniper Rifle aka awp is mostly preferred by many players. But, I don’t think it’s the perfect sniper. That’s because of the huge time lag between two shots. For my Counter Strike tips and tricks, I consider Scout as a better rifle. First of all, Scout is a silent rifle; so, it can be tough at times for the enemy to detect your presence. Also, a shot from the enemy freezes the target for a second and you can then take the second shot.

Camping & Stalking

Counter strike tips and tricks for stalking

The word ‘camping’ is often used with disdain, but, it turns out to be an effective approach many a times. Actual combatants call this skill as “digging in” and not “camping”.

  • First thing about camping is that you should find a nice spot where you have the advantage of getting a glimpse if your enemy before him. A good spot can be found by spectating the Counter Strike maps before hand as mentioned earlier.
  • An attacker should never camp. Digging in is advisable for defensive strategy. As a part of my Counter Strike tips and tricks, I believe Camping should be considered an option when you have secured a position and you expect your enemies to come there. For example, in a Hostage rescue scenario, a terrorist may camp near the entrance. In a Bomb Defusal Scenario, a CT may camp at one of the bomb sites. Or a Terrorist may camp there, after planting the bomb.
  • Stalking your enemy is another skill that requires good equipments in terms of your hardware. In order to stalk, you should first possess a good speaker or headphones so that you can hear the footsteps of your enemy clearly. And, you should also strafe when you are planning of stalking. There is no point of stalking when the enemy detects your presence.

Team, Plan and Attack!

Counter strike tips and tricks for teamplay

Counter Strike is a quick game. It depends a lot on the team performance. You cannot expect a heroic performance from a single player of the team when everyone is a professional. So, you should coordinate with your teammates and attack according to the plan.

The team with players having skills on different classes of weapons is considered quite dynamic as it sustains attacks of all ranges. So, forming your team that has skills on various scales is one of important Counter Strike tips and tricks. And, plan according to the likes of every player. Use formations and attack the enemy.


If you want to become a pro in Counter Strike, I would advise you not to use any sort of cheats in the game. The game is made for having fun. If you can’t get a hold of the game, then you are not giving your best. Don’t give up and rely on cheats.


Like all shooting games, Counter Strike has a ton of Counter Strike mods. After mastering the basic Counter Strike, you can always try these mods for further challenges. Some of the mods are quite basic and add bots into the game. This is a very handy mod for practicing on various levels. And believe me, expert bots will give you a tough time in the game. Then, there are Counter Strike mods that bring supernatural powers into the game. You can find a variety of mods on the internet.

With these strategies that I have mentioned above, you can carve your way out to improve your gaming skills in this game at a complete new level. All you got to do is follow the above mentioned Counter Strike tips and tricks.


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