How to download torrents using IDM?

Being connected to the internet is one of the most important aspects of every being nowadays. But, if you are one of Distracted Students, I know you can’t just live without torrents (You can also check out our article on How to make money with torrents). And, when a new torrent is uploaded on the servers, the most annoying thing is that your download speed goes way down. The sole reason being there are more Leechers than Seeders. In simple language, there are more people downloading the torrent than the people uploading it. And, you end up frustrated even though you have a high speed connection.

So, I have been using a method to download torrents using IDM, which is without a doubt the best download manager available. There is a website known as that helps us to do so. But, that site has been down for quite a time now. So, here is another way to do that for our answer of How to download torrents using IDM:

How to download torrents using IDM? 

Steps to download torrents using IDM:

1. Get your .torrent file from the torrent websites as always.

2. Visit First, you will be required to sign up, which is for free. You can also get premium accounts if you want better services.

3. After signing into your account on, you have to upload the .torrent file you previously downloaded by clicking on “Upload .torrent file”. Now, click on “Go”.

4. Next, you have to choose between “Free” and “Premium” download options to download torrents using IDM.

5. After this, the file will be cached by the servers. So time will be consumed in the process according to the size of the torrent.

6. Now click on the “.Zip” button. And your download will start with IDM or any other download manager you have.

 downloading torrents using IDM

Limitations for free users while downloading torrents using IDM:

– Only two downloads at a time.

– Cant download files larger than 8GB. [That’s why I use this method to download torrents using IDM for movies only]

– Max speed is 150 KB/s

– The cache of files is removed in a week. So, you have to upload again.

If shows problems, you can also use Put.IO,,, and All use the same process of creating caches.

For further assistance on How to download torrents using IDM, watch this video,


5 responses to “How to download torrents using IDM?

  1. This tool does seem to have some advantages, but I’m so used to the torrent client that Torch browser’s offering me, it’s so simple and doesn’t have any limitations for the size file.

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