A Walk Back to the Memory Lane!

Going back in the memory lane you often come across remnants…remnants of the past that leave youleave you sad.

Whether or not you realize, the picture of your childhood friend is not something that anyone is bereft of. The image of you and your buddy soiling pastas or calling each other names is undoubtedly one of the few memories that never erase. Maybe you do not recall the exact facets of the person or the place but certainly the sweet fragrance of the years gone by still linger even in your death bed.

death bed

The mere thought of your grandma opening up her wrinkled, saggy arms and calling you in a voice ideally, ‘inaudible’, brings a strange sparkle in your eyes. A chocolate mousse or a Chanel overcoat can never replace that cotton candy bought from the country-fare or those self-knitted pair of mittens.

You will, if not today, someday have a craving for all these silly, ‘obviously for granted things’.

It is indeed a task to even think about anything other than the worldly pleasures of today, forget alone treasuring them.

Whether or not you believe, whether or not you care, LOVE REMAINS UNTOUCHED. The irony of love that surprises me the most is that instead of showcasing its immense, almost ‘unreal’ powers, it prefers being discovered slowly. It prefers being deduced from instead of being indicative. But just as the effect is a blissful Odyssey, so is the path equally tasking. Often while we are indulged in worldly affairs the ongoing saga of love COMES, GREETS and PASSES ON. What we are left with in the end is a FAINT SMELL OF THE BODY BEAUTIFUL BODY ENCASING THE IMMORTAL SOUL OF LOVE AND KINSHIP.

love and kinship

It is often misinterpreted that hatred is the absolute in-occupancy of love. But on the contrary, it is the distant trail left by disembarking love that pins hatred in your heart. Trust me it is very easy to not notice the love coming into in your life but there would come a day when it will be everything for you to be loved. TO touch a heart, not the skin…to see a smile, not the lips…to feel the warmth of your aging mother’s hand…to see a child suckling.

You would, if not today, someday have a craving for all these simple, ‘obviously for granted things’.


[Featured Image Courtesy: The Optic Illusion]


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