The childhood buddies to classmates,from play school friends to college gangsWe know so many and  yet we  have none. With hundreds of contacts on your cell phones , whom can you actually call in an emergency? With thousands of people you know whom can actually talk to you?

Life ,as we grow becomes a greater platform where we meet so many people… People don’t cross our lives accidently ,all of it is for a reason ,it is just upto you to decide how long  and what part they play in your life ? With so many people crossing your life each day.. have you forgotten your old friends? Is it worth forgetting? How many times have you questioned yourself if you actually have a friend? And why at all do you call them friends?


With so many promises made while biding farewells to your classmates  and friends, are you actually able to keep up  to  those promises? Does life gives you time to do so?Or are you afraid if they will have time for you or not? Well dear people , if you call them friends they will always have time for you. No matter how busy they are .. Maybe they can’t talk to you for hours like they used to but the more important part is THE BOND…. Is that connection still alive? Do you still feel  great after  going back that memory lane? If yes then you surely had a great friend in your life.

At that time when you were in primary school… friendship would mean talking in the class, sharing lunch , playing at recess and not complaining about each other… when you grew  the meaning of friendship was still the same but few more conditions added… people who would like you, keep your secrets, appreciate your work , choose you over others and most importantly were ONLY your friends. You got out of school and you find your old friends were busy and they thought you were busy… you went in search for some new friends….. will you find them? Well, many at times we  end up choosing the wrong people because we don’t get much time to get familiar… but is just acquaintance enough to call someone your friend?


At the time I was leaving school my teacher told me that there is no stronger bond than friendship and the friends we make at school are supposed to be the best of friends..

AND now if you miss any of your old friends whom  you got disconnected to , Then go ahead dear and tell your friends  that you are still there for them.. Tell them that you still love remembering those pranks you played on people..tell them that you miss enjoying time with your friend.. Take out time .. Meet each other and see how you relive your wonderful memories all over again…. because life is worth remembering.

Featured image Courtesy: Satyasourav Nayak, http://www.facebook.com/TheOpticIllusion .ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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