Our freedom of speech curbed

ABRAHAM LINCON once rightly said, “Government for the people, by the people and of the people shall perish from the earth one day.” This statement has got quite a great relevance in the context of our nation’s socio-economic strata. ONE of the greatest privileges given to us, the people of the world’s largest democracy is the freedom of thoughts and expression. But in recent times this constitutional right has been snatched from us in ways innumerable and unreasoned.

protests against Salman Rushdie

The Actors and writers of a country  are said to be the foundation pillars as well as the global faces of a nation. If these global figures only do not get the freedom of thoughts and experience in our nation then it is useless to think of any freedom of thoughts to the common folks. Speak of any one who has tried to say something anew, who has tried to express something different and he has been ridiculed, harassed, beaten down and as is the case today, exiled. Be it Taslima Nasreen or Salman Rushdie, Kamal Hassan or M.F. Hussain, the great creative minds of India are not even given an inch of space to express their thoughts and mind with the common folk.

Protest against Taslima Nasreen

All I ask is, Is it a crime to express your mind out, if a muslim woman is harassed is it wrong to write about it, Is it wrong to show the truth? I agree it is absolutely wrong and unjustified to malign and defame any particular group or hurt the feelings of religious parties but the sad story of the day is that, Indian politicians and religious groups are foolish enough that the cannot even read the word FICTION written on the cover of a book. It is a sad story for the youth seeing Taslima Nasreen being beaten up, Salman Rushdie not allowed to enter a city, Kamal Hasan being driven to a point where he cannot even live in the country any more, Ashish Nandy being driven out. Probably there cannot be a better way to mock that high ideal of freedom of thoughts and expression laid by the forefathers of our REPUBLIC.


Since we were small, we were taught that an INDIAN is a man who respects the ideas of everyone. So I believe, we all live in an INDIA without INDIANS. Not only with these eminent people, but even us, the so called “aam admi” is under the scanner all the time. Remember, when two girls in Mumbai were detained just for a status update on facebook or that time when a respected JU professor was jailed for simply sharing a cartoon. India, sadly, is becoming a sad place to live in.

Che Guevara once rightly remarked “ a nation where there is no freedom of creative mind  will surely meet and end.”  It looks like we are heading towards the same end of  the strata

PS- If I am jailed for posting this article, please do not protest, the government will detain you too.



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