Has everything really boiled down to this? Valentine’s Day is making or breaking the Indian Culture? The sheer hypocrisy of the statement is enough to get our heads down with shame. We are proud descendants of a religion which speaks stories of the courtship periods between Shiv and Parvati or the quixotic love outings of Lord Krishna with his beloved Radha in Vrindavan. We don’t feel the slightest shame in talking to our kids about their Gods, no issues at all if they feel themselves to be inseparable parts of the rich cultural heritage which knows no bounds when it comes to the sacred relation of a man and a woman. Nude paintings, daring sculptures and engravings on caves and temples, all stand testimony to this fact.

A day for love - The valentines day effect

                                                         IMAGE COURTESY – SATYASOURAV NAYAK,

Valentine’s Day is much like any other Indian festival giving us a chance to bond with each other, it is giving our economy a chance to make money and above everything, it is giving us a chance to enforce our belief in that feeling called LOVE which has built relationships, nations and civilizations for so long now.  It is a confluence where the “west” meets the “east”. If the youth want to express their love for each other on this day then what the harm in it is, what is the problem in that?

Protests in india against Valentines Day

The question is not as much about the making or weakening of the Indian culture as much it is about the choices that the Indian youth makes. This hypocrisy is a mask to the deep rooted fear of moving away from our roots, of forgetting who we areThe question again is not as much about expressing your love for someone as it is about a ‘fear’ which fears that this day the youth might only end up trying to give their love a more physical form.  I sometimes wonder amidst all the political rivalry, stock markets and world crisis, how in the world can a Saint’s birthday make it to the headlines? Terrorists attack plague our country but all we can think about is deploying security forces on the 14th of February? We have no answers but just shame to reflect.

Is the protest justified??

What remains to be understood is that it is no shame to call ourselves Indians. There is nothing wrong in saying; I am still orthodox, nothing wrong in accepting that you can’t be so much ‘west’ after all. So this Valentine’s Day, distracted students we will cut beyond boundaries only to make a few others. We will be proud Indians, proud to be a part of the ‘east’ culture, proud to open our arms to everything but then knowing just where to stop. It is all about knowing your roots after all…



  1. i think V-day’s certainly helpng grw new branches of self-identity nd freedom of mind nd a globalisd world,v cant afford 2 sit in jst our culture’s shade..v need 2 catch up wit d globe… having said dat,ppl shud knw dre limits nd refrain 4m crossing d t
    hin line betwn affection nd obscenity…..

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