It’s the Champions League Week: Who cares for valentines!!

champions league fixtures

The holy grail of football is back and it is back with a big BANG, with probably the best fixtures lined up ahead of us in years. Yes, am talking about the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. I believe even GOD himself delayed the Apocalypse when HE saw that Real Madrid head out to Old Trafford to take on Manchester United (my personal favorites) and AC Milan lock horns with Barcelona, not to mention when Arsenal host the stubborn German finalist of last year, Bayern Munich. It’s a fiesta for all of us football fans with such mouth watering games up ahead of us.

It’s already been one crazy Champions League with holders Chelsea already eliminated and Manchester City, one of the dominant teams in Europe not posing any struggle at all. But all in all, we can say that last 16 are the ones, who are made of the toughest mettle, and the contests will be ones which will define the history of Champions League for years to come.

The silverware is one of the most sought after trophies in Europe and one which is prized and prided over. The Matches are part of folklore and distinguish the victors from the vanquished, the brave from the cowards, and the winners from the losers. Football is not just a game, its life and Champions League is the biggest concert held in its arena. SO buckle up and be ready and join me at Distracted Students as I give my analysis post and pre of a match. It’s time to Play!!!!!


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